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It's like a car commercial in my driveway.
This book is gorgeous. I'm inspired to bake everything in it.
Vacation day 2 and I can cross the poinsettia flower tower off my to-do list.
Huge glow-up from these two little coleus cuttings! It's totally outgrown the windowsill. The parent plant that was outside died months ago. Today > October > July

#houseplants #gardening
I couldn't help it... I had to make some of Baby Yoda's macarons after this week's #themandalorian. πŸ₯°
One year ago today and I miss it a lot. #magickingdom
I have to pass this to leave my office and I don't like it.
I just keep acquiring more plants... #marblequeenpothos
I've never had macarons before, but I was gifted some almond flour and had some new piping tips to try out. I think they turned out alright, even though I don't know what they're supposed to taste like! The first tray I piped way too big, so they didn't work out, but this second tray turned out looking macaron-ish, if a little flat. They were supposed to be bright orange but my cheap food coloring is trash! πŸ˜„
Tired: zucchini bread
Wired: zucchini mini bundts
Can't visit a garden center without buying a new plant. I couldn't remember what this one was called and the tag didn't help at all! "My full name is Houseplant" 🀣🀣🀣

I know now that it's a Rex Begonia but I'm still not sure what variety it is.

#houseplants #rexbegonia
Well, this was quite the craft adventure this morning. It did take about 3 hours start to finish, since we rebuilt it a few times. 

#gardening #flowers #halloween #halloweendecor #crafts #diy
This guy tied up a shipment of albums for months, but he's so darn cute.
Autumn potpie (sans mushrooms)! First time using this cookbook, first time making pastry crust from scratch, first time making a cheese sauce with a roux (I know, I know). It turned out so good but took a lot of time and effort!
I've been thinking about getting an air plant, and then I find this at Target. #houseplants #plantlady
s p o o k y πŸŽƒ
One of the perks of owning a house is getting to paint however you want! 100% @believeinknize's handiwork.
Zinnias finally starting to bloom. #gardening #flowers
A vase of flowers makes everything better ❀️❀️❀️
Planted some zinnia seeds about a month ago. They sprouted... and then something ate them ALL. So this batch I started in an egg carton and transferred to the garden this morning. Fingers crossed that I get a few flowers that I can get some seeds from for next year! #gardening #garden #zinnias
Baby's first split leaf. πŸ’š #monstera #monsteradeliciosa #houseplants
Moved in six months ago and now I have my office just about perfect.
Pruned the seed pods off the crape myrtle tree in early July when the blossoms started falling off, and got a second, more fabulous bloom now! This tree is full of bees all day long! 🐝🌸🐝 #gardening
Somebody's been asking for pretzels... πŸ₯° #baking #bakingfromscratch #bakingtherapy
Plants for scale. #LEGO #Nintendo #NES
I'm enjoying collecting cute masks. I really love this one that @believeinknize brought home from Target yesterday.
The Calathea is going through a growth spurt with four new leaves on the way! I've only had two new leaves appear since getting it, so this is huge! #houseplants #calathea #indoorgardening
Been trying to propagate this hibiscus branch for over a month now, finally got a bloom! The leaves look so sad, though.
This is very weird. My Patio Baby eggplant has gone from producing dark purple fruit, to light purple, and now a bunch of golden fruits. Also, I had no flowers for all of July, and now it's full of flowers again! I don't think the golden fruits have gone bad, but they're very strange! My research says maybe a vitamin or water deficiency? #gardening #veggiegarden
My "Love Lies Bleeding" Amaranth is starting to flower! #gardening #flowers🌸
Left the house for the first time in a month and decided that I could have a little hanging basket, as a treat. #gardening #flowers
I think I'll always include amaranth in my garden from now on, because it's so pretty, even before blooming. #gardening
Looking out the window today to even out the hairstyles. #houseplants #succulents
New plant day and I've run out of windowsills. #houseplants #monsteradeliciosa #hoya
RIP Hawthoria. πŸ’€ Literally just fell to pieces. I haven't even had it for two weeks so can I claim that this wasn't my fault? #gardening #houseplants #houseplantfail
We still had some plain ramen noodles, so I tried making a broth with some veggie stock, grated ginger and garlic, some red curry paste, and a bit of soy sauce. Could've used a bit more heat, (why didn't I think to add some Sriracha?) but it was pretty good!
Everything made from scratch! Shortcake, blackberry and blueberry compote, and vanilla whipped cream! #baking #bakingfromscratch
Recent propagation/repotting projects. 1) Flamethrower Chipotle coleus propagated from the one in my front garden, 2) nerve plant repotting, 3) peperomia repotting, 4) polka dot plant and selaginella still sharing the pot that they once shared with the nerve plant and peperomia. #gardening #houseplants
I love this this potting table and tool caddy from @believeinknize. Now I have a place for all of my plant projects.
Something completely demolished my pumpkin plants almost overnight. 😒 Replanting and hoping for the best. #gardening
Attempted some spritz cookies tonight. They're... not great. πŸ˜„ Kind of bland. Maybe that's what I get for trying to halve the recipe because I didn't want to make 7 dozen cookies.
"I'm going to take a break from getting any more plants," I said, and then my mom sends me these adorable owl planters and an assortment of succulents. πŸ˜†πŸ₯°πŸŒ± #gardening #succulents #plants
These "Love Lies Bleeding" Amaranth might have the prettiest leaves in my garden right now. They were slow to start but now they're thriving as it's gotten blistering hot outside. #gardening
I just realized today that I could hang my ivies from this unused curtain rod in my office. No idea why I didn't think of this earlier. I wonder how many plants I can hang on this bar before it falls down...
Too much cookie dough and too little cookie sheet. πŸ˜„ Browned butter #chocolatechipcookies. #baking #bakingfromscratch
Added some mini terrarium plants from @thachlydesigns to this bowl holding a golden pothos vine. Hopefully they can all coexist. 🌱
First harvest from my own garden! πŸ† Two other harvested eggplants got attacked by spider mites, so I need to find a way to combat those! My pumpkin plants are also suffering from mites or something similar. 😒 But this first baby eggplant is PRISTINE. #gardening
Just got this beautiful Calathea Makoyana from @bwhplantco!